Illinois Bluestem 2019 Nominees

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What is the Bluestem Award?
The Bluestem award is designed for students in
grades 3-5 who are ready for longer titles than found on
the Monarch list, but not quite ready for the sophistication
of some of the Rebecca Caudill titles.

Named in honor of Big Bluestem, which is the state
prairie grass, the award may include both timeless
classics and current titles, as well as books that have
appeared on the Monarch and Rebecca Caudill lists.

Who can vote for this award?
Anyone in grades 3-5.

How many books must be read or
listened to in order to vote?

Participants must read or listen to at least four books
on the current list to place a vote in February.

Where can I learn more about these books?
Visit the AISLE Bluestem Award:
Illinois' Grade 3-5 Readers' Choice Award

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