Section 2

 Table of Contents  Table of Contents
 2:10  School District Governance
 2:20  Exhibit - Developing Local Policy
 2:30  District Elections
 2:40  Board Member Qualifications
 2:50  Board Member Term of Office
 2:60  Board Member Removal from Office
 2:70  Vacancies on the Board - Filling Vacancies
 2:70 - E  Exhibit - Checklist for Filing Board Vacancies by Appointment
 2:80  Board Code of Ethics
 2:80 - E  Exhibit - Board Member Code of Conduct
 2:82  Board Oath of Office
 2:90  OPEN
 2:100  Board Member Conflict of Interest
 2:105  Ethics and Gift Ban
 2:110  Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers
 2:120  Board Member Development
 Training Completed by Board Members
 2:125  Board Member Expenses
 2:125-E1  Board Member Expenses - Exhibit
 2:125-E2   Board Member Estimated Expense Approval Form -Exhibit
 2:125-E3  Resolution to Regulate Expense Reimbursements- Exhibit
 2:130  Board-Superintendent Relationship
 2:140  Communications To and From the Board
 2:150  Committees
 2:160  Board Attorney
 2:170  Procurement of Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying Services
 2:180  OPEN
 2:190  Mailing Lists for Receiving Board Material
 Types of Board Meetings
 2:210  Organizational Board Meeting
 2:220  Board Meeting Procedure
 2:220-E1  Exhibit - Board Treatment of Closed Meeting Verbatim Records and Minutes
 2:220-E2  Exhibit - Motion to Adjourn to Closed Meetings
 2:220-E3  Exhibit - Closed Meeting Minutes
 2:230  Public Participation at Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board
 2:240  Board Policy Development
2:240-E1  Exhibit - PRESS Issue Updates
2:240-E2  Exhibit - Developing Local Policy
 2:250  Access to District's Public Records
 2:250-E  Exhibit - Teacher Child Care Leave
 2:250 – E2
 Exhibit - District Public Records
 2:260  Uniform Grievance Procedures
 2:260-E  Exhibit - Complaint Managers